Creating Sacred Space for Transformation


We guide you on your journey of transformation

Sacred Space

We create a space for welcoming peace.


You have the power within you to change.

Ann's Testimonial

“I recently took my first journey, with Kathrine as my guide. She thoughtfully helped me prepare — mind, body and spirit — for the experience, so that I felt completely prepared for the journey itself as well as the transformation it could bring about. Kathrine stresses the importance of intention, as well as integration of the insights and expanded consciousness gained into one’s ongoing life. I will continue to work with Katherine along my path to awakening. Thank you, Kathrine!

Dorothy and Joel's Testimonial

Thank you so much for that experience last night. You are such a beautiful, giving, loving soul. You’re intuition and ability to feel others energy and to create a safe loving environment, where I was able to say things to Joel that I have been holding inside, is amazing. Last night brought us so incredibly close, we really needed that. I was very hesitant about participating last night, but so glad I did. You have an incredible gift and we are so blessed that you shared it with us.”

Rachael's Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you again for your hospitality I really appreciate you I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you you’re amazing woman and I really appreciate you thank you so much I feel amazing again like all that self-doubt any worry that I had is gone like the universe is got me there’s a plan already set for us🙏🫶”

Victor's Testimonial

“I wanted you to know I will never forget EVER what you did for me. You really saved my life and my kids can’t thank you enough.

I am so grateful to have met you… I want to share everything I have been dealing with to help others. It’s really all positive because that’s the mindset I have now…